In November of this past year (2012) I decided that I wanted to become a triathlete. Being my  overboard self, within weeks of making this decision I had purchased a wet-suit, multiple pairs of bike shorts, triathlon shoes, road bike pedals and cleats, and most importantly a trainer for my bike so I could workout in the garage during the winter. There were only a few missing pieces from the triathlon equation, most importantly, I needed a coach and I needed direction. Upon returning from Christmas in Hawaii, I was stoked on triathlon. I’d spent many hours in my new 2XU wet-suit in the ocean and was so ready to get after it with my training. My first pool workout of 2013 was going as good as it could, considering my lack of time in the water. About half way through my set, a mysterious swimmer in the lane next to me asked if he could give me a few pointers – meet my soon-to-be coach, Jeff.

All of the sudden I had the gear (for the most part), I had a (great!) coach, the final piece of the equation was picking my first race…