The Comeback: The Plan

It’s been 2 weeks and one day since I pulled out of Santa Cruz 70.3 at mile 5 of the run. After the last race of the season, most athletes enter ‘off-season’ – a time to take a step back from the regimented training schedule, to enjoy an extra beer (or two), to be active but not always swimming/biking/running, and to focus on weaknesses. I thought it would be fun and beneficial to chronicle the process of rehabbing from this injury and finding my running strength and speed again, so here are a few things that I’m choosing to focus on for the next few months.

Redeveloping Healthy Habits

As triathletes, we spend a huge chunk of our weeks and years training to be strong swimmers, bikers, and runners. In order to sustain this level of training focusing on mobility, range of motion, sport-specific strength work, and quality nutrition are all things that are easy to lose sight of in order to get in the extra mileage. Unfortunately for me, the decision to get in the extra mileage or workouts while neglecting these ‘little things’ kept me from finishing my last race of the season. I’ll be spending the next few months back in the weight room, on the foam roller, and eating well in order to fuel a healthy 2017.

Setting myself up for a FUN winter of training

I recently acquired a Computrainer, a cycling trainer that is going to allow me to get much more specific with how I control my power outputs and to get a lot more out of my indoor riding this winter. April and I are also going to get fit for cross country skis so we can take advantage of the close proximity we have to all of the trails near Mt. Bachelor. Fun!!

Mobility and range of motion

Even though I mentioned it in my first section, I’m saying it again because I know this is a key to healthy training. I have an abundance of tools I’ve picked up for keeping my muscles happy, pain free, and to develop a better range of motion. This will mean a lot of time on the foam roller, trigger point therapy tools, and stretching.

More to come as I chronicle my return to being a healthy, fast, and strong athlete!